CLEAR COMMUNICATION – Setting Reminders For You AND Your Guests

I was hanging for few days with my friend Christine who has read Master of Vacation Rentals: 10 Steps to Hosting Success. She drove down from San Jose, it’s about a 2 ½ hour drive without traffic. We were working and relaxing during some mid-week downtime at my wine country house. We were at dinner, trying to sober up after an awesome tasting at Calcareous Vineyard, at a cool new sushi place downtown Paso Robles called Naked Sushi.

Just after the seaweed salad came, my alarm went off on my iPhone. I proceeded to shut it off as quick as possible and I apologized to Christine for the interruption. I explained that it is my reminder to give a shout via text to the guests checking out the next day at the ‘Architectural Glass House’. This is to let them know that we have a back to back booking and need to stick with our published latest checkout time and to see what time they were thinking to leave. Once I get their response that they will leave at the latest time (or sooner), I remind them of the simple check out instructions. After mentioning this, Christine said “that’s not in the book!”. I said “whoops”. Well, since that pointer was missed in the 10 Steps to Hosting Success book – here it is:

At least once per week for the upcoming week sit down and set an alarm for the night before each guest departure. I set this to ring around 6 or 6:30 p.m. Once the alarm goes off, I communicate with my guests through the app first & follow up shortly thereafter with a phone text (no in-app reply). The phone text usually works if the apps does not get an immediate response. After you confirm their departure time, update housekeeping with that info. When asking (or telling them latest possible when a quick turn) checkout time, tell them you hope they enjoyed their time and thank them for staying. After you get a reply, reply back with check out duties and wish them safe travels.




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CLEAR COMMUNICATION – Setting Reminders For You AND Your Guests

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