Dear Airby: “It’s got to go”

Dear Airby,

I’m finally going to pull the red gingham wall paper from the hallway bathroom in the 80’s house I bought 2 years ago. It was a shock when I first toured the house but I loved (most) of the rest of the house and it was in my price range but I’m at the stage again where I’m shocked by it. Friends and family visiting have been kind enough not to comment on it but it’s got to go. I want to have a nice pic of the bathroom for my listing and need your help please.

I’m deciding between 3 shades of blue that I think will go with the tile. I like 3 shades I picked from Lowes Valspar line: Peek-a-Boo Blue, Blue Tango, Skyscape. Peek-a-Boo blue is the lightest and they get darker from there. Which do you recommend?”

– Karen from Lake Mary, FL

Dear Karen,

I am glad you are tackling your wallpaper situation – good idea! Paint and color have the biggest impact on your interior’s appearance and cost less than almost any other alteration.

However, blues are a no-no for paint wall color in a bathroom. I know the boys room bathroom in school was blue (and assuming the girls was pink) themed but we’re out of school now so let’s broaden our pallet.

It’s about how the wall color will reflect and make you look in the mirror. I love blue and it’s my favorite color but it’s not good for a bathroom. Green is another color I love but stay away from them – they give a cadaver look. The best hue for bathrooms is in the yellow family. I personally like pale yellows but any yellowish or golden color can work. Yellow bathes your face in a nice light to apply makeup and it just looks good on your face whether you are brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

Also, if you are completely married to using blue (it’s your house after all), go with the Peek-a-Boo. It’s the lightest of that blue family and lighter is better especially for small rooms as light makes the space seem bigger and more airy.  Send us the before and after pics!





Dear Airby: “It’s got to go”

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