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Check our feature based on Jeff’s actual travel experiences as a guest at vacation rental properties. Here we review the places we stayed with compliments followed by suggestions. Both categories of review are broken down by the 10 STEPS TO HOSTING SUCCESS. We do not give a rating here in these articles; the point is not to judge but to give positive reinforcing feedback for the pluses and recommended suggestions for any perceived minuses.

Stay in Old Town – Huntsville, AL


Step 1: Fantastic Finds

  • This place is in a fairy tale of a neighborhood. House after house, street after street of antebellum Victorians and Craftsmans – each with the requisite front porch – only thing missing is Bartles & Jaymes! Felt like I was not the only Airbnb’er around. The neighbors were busy gardening and walking their dogs and were friendly toward strange faces – mine!

Step 2: Innovative Improvements

  • Cute IKEA-bought artwork was a nice touch and the bed was extremely comfortable.

Step 6: Clear Communication

  • Awesome informative follow up message left nothing to the imagination. Made for a very easy entry and the house manual had all the details I needed about the WIFI and checkout. Well done! The info about the area was perfect.

Suggestions – please remember that the items we highlight with a higher step number are much easier to remedy the lower step number – for instance, acting on communication items (Step 6: Clear Communication) is easier than minor construction items (Step 2: Innovative Improvements).

Step 2: Innovative Improvements

  • The IKEA furniture is pleasing on the eyes but not the most comfortable as far as the dining chairs go and the loveseat. Might want to hit thrift stores or Craigslist for high quality used items that would cost the same (or less) and offer a bit more character and comfort. Just a thought ?

       Step 7: Special Service

  • Yo! No salt & pepper? Supposed to get my own for my 2 day stay? Hmmm. Also, no paper towels or Windex? At least you left me with a sponge and some dish soap I guess. Suggest stocking some basic cleaning supplies for the guests as well as basic condiments in the barren refrigerator. I mean, it’s not like it’s a long term rental where I am turned over a completely empty unit to outfit. Otherwise your place was a great value and convenient – gave you 5 stars and would stay again (with the hope that you read my private comments about the above).


???? ?? ? ?????: Huntsville, AL

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