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Welcome to a recently new type of feature based on Jeff’s actual travel experiences as a guest at vacation rental properties. Here we review the places we stayed and with compliments followed by suggestions. Both categories of the review are broken down with the 10 STEPS TO HOSTING SUCCESS. We do not give a rating here in these articles; the point is not to judge but to give positive reinforcing feedback for the pluses and recommended suggestions for any perceived minuses.

Stay in Jacksonville Area, Florida-


Step 2: Innovative Improvements

  • The decor was totally suitable for a Florida beach getaway.
  • All the touches, from the cool artwork and humorous artwork (“Take a seat” above the toilet) to the special cabinet handle pulls with tiny cooking gear instead of plain knobs made the space well thought out and showed that you have a sense of fun and care for your guests. This is so minor, but your plastic hand soap dispenser that looks like a real tile mosaic caught my eye too.
  • The stone and flagstone walkways separated with wood planks and mulch garden areas were amazing to look at. Again, what great taste!
  • The winter lights around the backyard were wonderful as was the fire pit and the visiting stray kitty!

Step 6: Clear Communication

  • Wow! – not only did you offer text and in-app messages with loads of local info and brochures; you had a complete house manual AND a really cool guest book for folks to make comments about their stay – reading these entries of others was a hoot!

Step 7: Special Service

  • The gift of the totally drinkable bottle of Pinot Noir with a pair of wine glasses was an awesome touch and made me feel really welcomed – plus I arrived late after most liquor stores were long closed. I personally wouldn’t do this, as who knows who’s underage at the house. I would probably get sued if the guest imbibed the whole bottle on an empty stomach and drowned in the pool.
  • The small blackboard with my name on it welcoming me was so sweet! I’m a sucker for this stuff – how did you know!
  • The basket of beach towels with individual tubes of sunblock was nice to look at and quite practical!
  • First aid kit in bathroom – check. Love the combo toilet cleaner and plunger set next to the thrown.
  • The air scent machine was a nice touch with an assortment of oils – the ginger was my fave.
  • Providing bicycles and paddle board for guest use is just fantastic and very kind of you – smart to leave the waivers for guest to sign.



Suggestions – Please remember that the items we highlight with a higher step number are much easier to remedy than the lower step number – for instance, acting on communication items (Step 6: Clear Communication) is easier than minor construction items (Step 2: Innovative Improvements).

Step 2: Innovative Improvement

  • The metal-spiked starburst was matching with your very good taste – it’s beautiful BUT it’s right above the headboard of the bed! How well adhered to the wall is it? Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to try to shake it down but it could really impale someone if it fell – this is a (perceived) safety issue, not an issue with your taste.
  • Would be nice to have a full length mirror – I was going to family wedding events and wanted to check my look – and I’m a guy….
  • Maybe a trash liner in the bathroom trash can – no biggie but will be hygienic and safe you trouble from cleaning the can.

Step 7: Special Service

  • Cleanliness needs to be everywhere
    • Spider webs in the corners should be removed but then again, spiders eat other bugs ?
  • Throw out shampoo and shower gel when they are ¼ the way down or combine with others to get them to the ¾ to full mark.
  • You did break the most important rule of being a host – NO EXTRA TP – just the roll I found on the holder and used – luckily I did notice and got a spare roll before a true emergency happened.
  • Actually the biggest rule is C O F F E E. I did not expect any to be at the house BUT with a Keurig it is kind of expected to have some pods as the local Circle K certainly does not sell them and I do not travel with pods –  BUT my bad was to see that there was no coffee and I did go out and get coffee from the local bar (yes, I talked the bar staff into selling me grounds for cups of unbrewed coffee) – but in my haste and panic of not seeing coffee, I did not notice that it was a Keurig and not a drip machine – fast forward to the morning – I played boy scout and boiled water that I passed through a paper towel loaded with grounds over my coffee cup. Problem solved – I didn’t even burn myself (too much).



???? ?? ? ?????: Jacksonville, Florida

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