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Compliments & Suggestions

Welcome to a new type of feature based on Jeff’s actual travel experiences as a guest at vacation rental properties. Here we review the places we stayed and with compliments followed by suggestions. Both categories of review are broken down by the 10 STEPS TO HOSTING SUCCESS. We do not give a rating here in these articles; the point is not to judge but to give positive reinforcing feedback for the plus’ and recommended suggestions for any perceived minuses.

Stay in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico


Step 2: Innovative Improvements

  • Great idea to limit the temptations to go outside – no patio furniture in the back or front – really cuts down on the possibility of noise
  • Surveillance monitor at the front door was a good idea as it made me feel safe as it could deter an intruder and it’s a great idea to be able to see who your guests are really inviting to stay
  • Love the closets without doors and exposed shelving in 2 of the bedrooms – make it easy to see what’s available for the guest to use without hunting everywhere – however, I would consider hiding some of the bedding – it looks like all the house inventory was exposed – this could lead to guests soiling all of it

Step 7: Special Service

  • The gift of Tequila was an awesome touch and made me feel really welcomed – I wouldn’t do this in the US as one could probably get sued if the guest imbibed the whole fifth and ran someone over.
  • House was spotless – completely clean
  • Coffee and powdered creamer was provided along with Splenda – great touch! And the coffee filter was already loaded ready to go with plenty more filters available! (suggestion: you went this far, maybe some regular sugar too – sorry, you gave me an inch….)
  • The full roll of TP and a new individually wrapped one told me not to worry immediately that I would run out but also let me know, hey here’s what we provide, if you need more, buy it – good idea
  • Purified water cooler and filter system in the fridge were awesome
  • The air scent machine was a nice touch – not sure if the extra fragrance was needed as there did not seem to be an intrinsic (mold or otherwise) in the house but nice touch anyway.


Suggestions – please remember that the items we highlight with a higher step number are much easier to remedy than the lower step number – for instance, acting on communication items (Step 6: Clear Communication) is easier than minor construction items (Step 2: Innovative Improvements).

Step 1: Fantastic Finds

  • Consider finding an alternate home in a non-family neighborhood, or if you expand with another location, find one where the neighbors are not all out on their front stoops and singing in the streets with house parties until all hours on a Saturday night / Sunday a.m.

Step 2: Innovative improvements

  • Put some art up on the walls
  • Try some accent colors
  • Reinstall your breakfast bar to have the overhang where the seats are located rather than toward the kitchen where the cook stands
  • Put some bright tape or move kitchen cabinets out of the aisle way
  • Provide a garbage bin
  • Try cosmetic wire covering for internet and cable TV cables
  • Consider a different color tile demarcation in the bathroom as the tile is currently the same throughout and it hides the fact there is a step down to the shower area

Step 6: Clear Communication

  • Respond in a quicker manner to the first communication – especially when it’s a last minute booking
  • Make the house entry access instructions crystal clear and have a back up solution for entry if the primary method can be confusing
  • Have some printed instructions in the home
  • Besides a quick text with the WIFI password, also provide the network name

Step 7: Special Service

  • Test before guests arrive to make sure the toilets flush and fix as needed
    • Toilet did not flush ☹


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