Presentation is EVERYTHING!

This article is based off of SPECIAL SERVICE, one of the 10 Steps found in
Master of Vacation Rentals.


There is a difference between housekeeping for a private household and vacation rental. Make sure your current or prospective housekeeper understands the difference. We’re not saying housekeeping has to leave a mint on the pillow but it’s a different situation from straightening out your own living space.

A vacation rental will have lots of laundry generally but at least there will not be personal laundry to do. In your household, you probably keep up with laundry between housekeeping services but guests at your Airbnb will be burning through towels and of course, all the used linens will need to be laundered. On a quick turn where guests are checking out and new ones checking in on the same day, the work will have to be done quickly BUT with the same quality of a regular turn.

Small cosmetic items need to be paid attention to. For instance, I found out (after having her for years) that my housekeeper was leaving toilet paper rolls that only had 25% or less paper on them in the bathroom on the TP roll. Rather than getting into a scientific study on how much TP is left and perhaps have a rule to say when it’s 75% full, keep it – we just have a blanket rule to just replace roll of toilet paper roll each and every time in every bathroom and start the new folks off with a fresh roll – simple. Toss the old one (I mean recycle) or take it home. It’s less than a quarter for a roll (when you buy wisely, in bulk, etc.).

Same for paper towels, don’t leave a roll with a few sheets on it. Keep the partially used rolls in a container someplace and those can be used for the actual cleaning – no waste. Showing this detailed level of respect for your guests will give them a sense that you are a professional and hopefully they will act in a professional manner in your home. Everyone wins.

Presentation is EVERYTHING!

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