You would be amazed how happy guests are to find toilet paper in your vacation rental! Toilet paper happiness is closely followed by paper towel bliss in the kitchen. Having shampoo, conditioner, shower gel in your WC also excites your guests beyond belief. The trick is to have this stuff stuffed in your house because all of it runs out fast. Turn your garage into a mini Costco or in my case it’s a tiny version of my local Smart & Final (a California-based warehouse store). A good percentage of my reviews specifically call out how well the house is stocked. Not only the consumables and paper products but bath & beach towels and plenty of cooking gear will reap you a rave review. When you are stocking for guest needs, also stock for housekeeping. Make sure your garage or basement Sam’s Club includes plenty of household cleaning solvents, dish detergent, dish liquid, sponges, laundry soap, etc.

I am personally a bit old school when it comes to stocking my houses. I drive to Smart & Final and along with my rotisserie chicken and bottle of wine – I buy all the cleaning and bath products I need and especially the TP and paper towels.  Maybe it’s my therapy of getting to do something mundane that actually relaxes me. It’s a time waster for sure but I continue to drive to the store, pick the stuff off the shelves, load my cart, wait in line, chat with the cashier, get back in my car and unload the stuff into my stockroom. I hope to take the advice of one of the cashier’s at the Paso Robles Creston Road Smart & Final and get into a motion of ordering online and having it delivered.

The main point is to stay stocked – your efficiency in doing so is up to you!



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