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Question & Answer from May 7th, 2019


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Step 2 – Fantastic Finds: You have found a few properties in your price range that you feel would make awesome vacation rentals. Which of the below should be excluded from your search? 


A. Add assorted coffee table books from a thrift store about your city
B. Install a gorgeous tufted canvas headboard in the master bedroom that matches the drapes.
C. Install a large colorful piece of artwork that is visible from the entrance
D. Add a large fire pit at the back corner of the backyard
E. B & D


Innovative Improvements, Step 2 of Master of Vacation Rentals: 10 STEPS TO HOSTING SUCCESS explains that surfaces should be washable and easily cleaned – canvas is fabric and fabrics stain so B is NOT recommended. Choice D is not recommended as fire pits encourage outdoor nighttime activity which translates to noise. Worse – this fire pit is in the corner of the backyard, meaning it abuts 3 other neighbors’ yards increasing the likelihood of noise traveling versus if the fire pit were close to the house. Also, we don’t think that fire and vacationing (drinking) guests are a good mix. Since both B and D are not recommended, the correct answer is E.

Choice A is recommended as coffee table books are a great inexpensive way to make your place interesting – don’t be fooled by thrift store – second hand anything is a great idea! Choice C is highly, highly recommended to create a Wow factor first impression for when the guest enters the house.


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